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How long is the shelf life of the inflatable air column bag?

Inflatable air column bag is an important packaging material and has good use in many industries now, but how long is the shelf life of the air column bag?

1. After the air bag is inflated, it can generally be kept for 4-10 months, the specific time depends on the quality of the bubble column material, Nylon content ,thickness and other factors.

2. The conventional express logistics transportation time generally does not exceed 2 months, so the air retention time of the air column bag fully meets the transportation requirements.

3. Before inflating the air column bag, put it in a relatively airtight storage environment to avoid sun exposure and rain, and it can be stored for 2-3 years without problems. Therefore, in the normal environment of the warehouse, the column bag is stored in the carton and sealed, and the air column bag is not afraid of expiration.

4. When the customer has not sent out the goods for a long time after inflating the air column bag, and has been stored for a long time. In view of the long-term chronic gas infiltration of the air column bag, which leads to insufficient inflation, it is very convenient to inflate a little air before delivery.

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Therefore, it is very important to store the air column bag reasonably, and its shelf life time is relatively long.



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