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Black air column bag for photo frame

This black air column bag is a packaging material especially designed for the items which needs privacy protection. It is composed of PA/PE co-extruded film and air valve film. lt does not occupy warehouse space, has good buffering effect, low cost, environmentally friendly materials, and convenient recycling.


Specification :

Product : Black air column bag for photo frame 

Material : PE/PA co-extruded film

Bag type :  Q type

Inflation : Pump/Compressor

Material Thickness : 40~110 μm

Air pressure : 0.06~0.08 Mpa

Advantages of black air column bag:

1.Quick and smooth inflation 

2.Clean . Image promtion .

3.Shock and pressure resistance .

4.Mold fee saving.

5.Storage cost saving .

6.Shipping cost saving .

7.Easy to use , save labor and handling cost .

8.Dust proof and water proof 

9.Long term air retention 

10.Resuable and durable .

11.Real 360 degree protection .

12. Privacy protection .

Manufacturing process of air bag packaging :

Air box packaging manufacturing process.jpg

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