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air column bag for 3 wine bottles

Airbag packaging for 3 bottles is a type of protective packaging designed to keep three bottles safe during transport. It features inflatable airbags that are positioned between the bottles to prevent them from colliding with each other, which could cause damage or breakage. This packaging solution is especially important for glass bottles that can shatter and cause injury or ruin the contents.


Product details :

1.air column bag for 3 wine bottles -Material: 7 layers co-extruded PE+PA film.

   The thickness of films from 35mic to 120 mic. 

2. Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, Recyclable.

3. Easy operation: Inflate directly, no need sealing, save labor cost.

4. Air column bags: Each air column is designed separately. Any air column damaged won't influence the safety packaging.

5. Storage: Flat before inflation, saving warehousing cost.

6. Certification: ISO , ROHS .

7. Air column packaging size: 720*420mm before inflated .

8. Transportation: Less volume and weight, saving shipping cost.

9. Air column packaging for Protection: Airbag stands 60-120kgs after inflated.