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High temperature test is a necessary step to ensure the quality of airbag packaging

High temperature test is a reliability test to simulate the high temperature resistance of products during storage, assembly and using. It is also the longest accelerated life test. The purpose of high temperature test is to determine the adaptability and durability of storage, using and durability of military and civilian equipment and components stored and worked under normal temperature conditions to confirm the properties of the material at high temperature.

Scope of application

The high and low temperature tests are mainly aimed at electrical and electronic products, as well as their original devices, and other materials. The severity of the test depends on the temperature of the high and low temperature and the duration of the test. High and low temperature may overheat the product, affect the safety and reliability of use, or even damage, such as:

· Bonding and migration between materials due to different expansion coefficients of various materials

· Change material properties

· Degrade the electrical performance of components

The elasticity or mechanical strength of the elastic element is reduced, shortening the service life of the product

· Accelerate the deterioration and aging process of polymer materials and insulating materials, and shorten the service life of products.

· The elasticity of flexible materials such as rubber is reduced and cracks occur;

Increased brittleness of metals and plastics, leading to cracks or cracks;

· Make materials brittle, such as plastics and steel, which are prone to brittle cracking damage at low temperatures, and rubber materials increase in hardness and decrease in elasticity.


Airbag packaging test parameters

High temperature test conditions: 

Test temperature : 60 °C

Test time : 2 hours

Performance impact

High temperature test: material thermal aging, cracking, discoloration, softening, melting, expansion, or functional failure, etc.

High temperature test is a process we have done for every batch airbag packaging/ air column bag from production line . It is a necessary testing step to ensure the quality . 



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