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How to choose inflatable air bag packaging manufacturers?

How to choose inflatable air bag packaging manufacturers?

Let's think about how to be most reliable inflatable bag manufacturers, and what kind of conditions do they need?

Based on many years' experience in this air bag packaging industry, we believe that inflatable air bag manufacturers should have the following specifications:

1: Have independent and perfect production equipment and technical level

2: The manufactured inflatable air bag must meet customer requirements and standards, no matter the nylon content of the raw material (after the inflatable bag is inflated, the higher the transparency, the higher the nylon composition) or the material thickness of the inflatable bag (can be measured with a micrometer), etc. .

3. It has an independent R&D team, has the idea of independent research and development (inflatable bags can be independently developed), has a complete quality control team, and has a clear standard for product quality, delivery time, after-sales service, and price. !



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