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The role of inflatable air column bag packaging on life economy

The role of buffer air column bag packaging on life and economy: The main purpose of the buffer air column bag is to use two layers of high-elastic synthetic film air cushions on the upper and lower layers of the air column inflatable bag after inflating it, positioning the product in the air for protection, tightening the close-fitting film and packaging the upper and lower layers of air cushion The way has good cushioning and shock-absorbing performance.

Adopt air protection, use environmentally friendly plastic production, can be customized, reduce costs, simple packaging, good shock resistance There are also more and more people using buffer air column bags.

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With the rapid development of the economic era, plastic has become one of the indispensable auxiliary materials for today's consumption. Its convenience has become the main form of product packaging in our lifes. In the field of protective packaging, the cushion air packaging bag is relatively light. It can reduce the burden of couriers and effectively protect the safety of product transportation, so it is widely used in various fields. In today's commodity society, it can be fully reflected in the field of safety protection in product activities, the protection of commodities, the reduction of product damage, the invasion of natural factors such as rain and dust pollution, and the impact of various sports. In the case of friction, extrusion, loss, etc., it can play a role of safety buffer.

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At the same time, the product of the buffer air column bag itself is made of transparent and environmentally friendly plastic. Therefore, the appearance of the bag is transparent, which looks not only simple but also generous. Compared with the same type of buffer packaging, it can quickly improve the brand value of the product. .



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