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Air Bag Packaging: Composition and Materials

Brief composition description of the air bag packaging 

1. The composition of the air bag packaging .

        Air bag packaging are usually constructed of four layers of plastic film.

        The outer two layers are the main part of the air column bag, and the pressure-bearing support and buffering depend on it. The inner two layers are the components of the air inlet channel of the air column bag. With it, the air column bag can not only inflate but also automatically lock the air, eliminating the need for sealing.

2. The material of the air bag packaging body.

        The air bag packaging body,  the two layers of material outside the air column bag, is called nylon co-extrusion film, which is made of polyethylene and nylon through a film blowing machine. Generally, nylon co-extruded films have 5 layers, 7 layers and 9 layers . Most of the air column bags used are 7-layer co-extruded films.


3. The material of the valve film.

        The air valve film, also known as the reverse air stop valve film, can let the gas only enter in not out, and then close the air, let the air column bag inflate and keep the air inside, and make a buffer protection. The reverse air stop valve film makes the air column bag inflatable at one time without sealing, making the air column bag inflation efficient and fast.

        The air column bag has multiple air columns, usually one air column has at least one air valve, and the air column and the air column are kept independent. Leakage of one air column does not affect the buffer protection performance of other air columns.



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