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Understanding Air Column Bag Packaging: Common Questions Answered

With the continuous development of the economy, air column bags are now widely used and welcomed by more and more people. Many people have heard the air column bag , but how many people really understand the air column bag? Now, let me share some common sense about air column bag packaging :

1. How is the quotation of the air column bag packaging ?

The material cost of the air column bag packaging is the main part, and the co-extruded film with nylon is used. Generally, 15% nylon content is required to ensure the stability of the inflatable bag.

2. Which products are suitable for air column bag packaging?

According to the structure and materials of the air column bag, almost all products that use buffer packaging can be replaced by air column bags. Especially fragile and valuable items need air column bags. At present, electronic products are mostly used in the market, especially for some famous international brand like Samsung , Huawei etc . However, as the reputation of air column bags is getting better and better, many brand manufacturers and merchants have begun to use air column bags as protective cushion packaging.

3. Can the inflatable air column bag withstand high temperatures?

The inflatable bag can withstand high temperature of 65 ℃ for 24 hours.

Inflatable air column bag.jpg

4. Is the air column bag acceptable in a place with low temperature?

Under the premise of low temperature, the product of air pressure and volume is reduced, but it has no performance effect to air packaging itself .

5. How long can the air bag last after being inflated? Will it leak?

Strictly speaking, inflatable bags like bicycle tires, and there will be slow air leakage. However, the leakage through the one-way check valve for more than 80% of the total leakage, and the leakage through the membrane can be ignored. Generally speaking, the annual leakage will be 15% .

6. What should I do if the air column bag leaks?

a. Slightly increase the inflation pressure, choose 12PSI for inflation, and a small amount of air leakage can be compensated.

b. After the inflation is completed, seal the air inlet of the air bag with a sealing machine, which can ensure that the air pressure of the air bag is normal for more than one year.

c. After half a year, inflating the air column bag can compensate for the air pressure.



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