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Airbag packaging protects e-commerce shipping

E-commerce is a business activity using microcomputer technology and network communication technology. The e-commerce industry has the advantages of market globalization, transaction continuity, low cost, and resource intensification. At this stage, E-commerce mainly has the following forms: B2B, B2C, C2C. The key factors for the development of e-commerce are payment, logistics and data.

As an indispensable part of e-commerce, logistics is an important part . Logistics refers to the planning, implementation and management of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products or related information from the place of origin  to the place of consumption at the lowest cost through transportation, storage, distribution, etc. in order to meet the needs of customers. process.

As a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material in the 21st century, the air column cushioning packaging uses PE and PA lamination and co-extrusion to achieve cushioning protection products through air. Provides anti-seismic protection for long-term storage and transportation without air leakage, and the cushioning protection of air column type comprehensive coating reduces the damage rate to a minimum. The cushioning packaging bag complies with ROHS specifications, no matter in any condition of production, use or placement, the raw material (film) or finished product (air cushion) is completely clean and will not cause any pollution. Compared with traditional fillers, it will not be damaged due to the large gap in the inner box of the package, and the items are often displaced during transportation and cause damage. Even if it is squeezed by external force, the close-fitting design of the cushioning package can use the air cushion to disperse the pressure to avoid damage. .

The application of air column bag buffer packaging in e-commerce transportation:

1. Fruit transportation protection

Because of the convenience of online shopping, many citizens do not even bother to run a fruit store, but buy fruits online. However, the high damage of fruit express delivery has always been a troublesome problem for e-commerce merchants and customers. The high breakage rate has also led to the fact that the ratio of disputes between merchants and customers has been above 20%.

Hamimelon airbag packaging.jpg

In response to the problem of high damage of fruit, we have launched: apple packaging air column bag, kiwi fruit packaging air column bag, grape packaging air column bag and so on. Current fruit packaging, mainly uses pearl cotton mesh sleeves, corrugated paper separators, foam boxes, bubble film and so on. However, it can only meet the regular market transportation, and cannot play a good buffer protection effect during express transportation. The air column bag is bonded by co-extrusion film, and more than 95% of the air is used to achieve buffer packaging. 5% co-extruded film, which reduces the weight of transportation and reduces transportation costs.

2. Electronic product packaging

For the purchase of electronic products, more and more people choose EBAY, AMAZON etc e-commerce shopping platform. After receiving the order from the sales center, the storage center will use bubble film, pearl cotton, carton and other matching packaging, and after switching to air column bag buffer packaging, it will be better in terms of packaging cost, packaging efficiency, aesthetics, and breakage rate. Great improvement. Using air column bag packaging: product + air column bag + express bag, saving the packaging cost of bubble film and carton, and improving packaging efficiency. Good cushioning performance has also been affirmed by customers.

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3. Alcohol product packaging

Alcohol products have always been a relatively large consumer product. Online merchants are also constantly improving and improving their packaging. From the initial stage: bubble film + carton, pearl cotton + carton, foam box + carton, to the current air column bag + carton. The buffering effect of bubble film is relatively poor, it takes up a lot of storage space, and the packaging labor cost is relatively high. Only a few merchants use this packaging method. Pearl cotton packaging has a good packaging effect, but the high packaging cost is more than twice the price of bubble film and air column bags. Similarly, pearl cotton will also occupy a lot of storage space. The pearl cotton box is manually pasted, and the delivery cycle is long, which is also a problem that merchants are not satisfied with. Styrofoam box packaging, the share of e-commerce packaging is still relatively large. Using mold forming, prompt delivery and high packaging efficiency. Occupying storage space, higher prices, and environmental protection issues are the shortcomings of foam box packaging.

Alcohol air column bag, as a new buffer packaging material ,its low cost, environmental protection, good buffer performance, and no storage space are important factors for businesses to choose to use. For the packaging of the same product, the cost of the air column bag is 50%-60% of the pearl cotton and 80-90% of the foam box. It does not take up space, which is an important advantage of the air column bag packaging. Only have 1/80 storage capacity space of the foam box and the pearl cotton .

Alcohol air column bag.jpg

4. Food, PCbaby products packaging 

With the rapid development of the Internet, overseas shopping is no longer a problem. Many young people like to buy imported food, mother and baby products on e-commerce platforms.

milk can air column bag.jpg

As a new cushioning packaging, the air column bag wraps the product closely and can truly protect the packaged product, not just filling and supporting. Provide anti-seismic protection for long-term storage and transportation without air leakage, and minimize the damage rate.




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