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The functions of air bag packaging

The functions of air bag packaging 

With the development of e-commerce, our cognition and consumption level are getting higher and higher, and the utilization rate and wide range of electronic products are increasing. The development of science and technology has led to a high demand for electronic and digital products, and the amount of electronic products produced by manufacturers has also increased. Therefore, related questions are also raised. Electronic and digital products become doubts during the transportation process. If traditional packaging is used, it will not only fail to effectively protect the products, but also have an appropriate impact on the environment. The release of the "Plastic Restriction Order" and our protection of the environment have undoubtedly gone their separate ways. So how should electronic products be packaged to prevent doubts during shipping? Therefore, the inflatable air column bag came out in this environment, which solved the most troublesome question for e-commerce. Inflatable air column bags have many features, the biggest of which is to prevent any impact and damage to the product during transportation.

Here are the three major advantages of inflatable air column bags in e-commerce:

1: The inflatable air column bag can effectively protect the product. The internal structure of electronic and digital products is fine and messy. Therefore, a slight bump during transportation will cause damage to the internal parts of the product. Traditional buffer packaging materials have poor compression resistance and poor buffering ability. Etc., while the air column bag is not, the air column bag is filled with air into the air column of the material made of PE and nylon. Due to the strong compressibility of air, it has a strong buffering function. At the same time, a single air column bag can bear the weight of 60-120 kg, and the side-by-side air column has a very high buffering effect. The air column bag wraps the product and can be well protected during transportation to prevent accidents that should not occur;

2: The air column bag not only protects the product, but also reduces the transportation cost of the product, and has a higher cost performance. The air column bag is flat before being inflated, and its thickness is about the thickness of 3 sheets of 80g A4 printing paper, which does not take up too much storage space and reduces the storage cost of users;

3: Environmental advantages of inflatable air column bags. The air column bag is made of PE and nylon, and it belongs to polyethylene material, which is odorless, non-toxic and safe. It can be melted and vaporized under certain conditions. Burning together will not produce any polluting gases and irritating substances to the environment.


It is the most fundamental function of electronic and digital product buffer packaging to use shock-proof and moisture-proof buffer packaging to protect the product to the greatest extent during transportation. In today's rapid development of express delivery industry and e-commerce. In the research and development of electronic and digital product packaging, our company mainly focuses on the continuous planning and development of these two functions, which also promotes the continuous emergence of electronic product packaging.



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