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Advantages of air column bag

Advantages of air column bag:

1. Beautiful appearance, exquisite design, close to the product, can improve the value of the product and improve the corporate image.

2. Good cushioning and anti-seismic effect: use each air cushion to support the product in the air for protection, disperse and absorb external pressure.

3. Save the cost of molds: The production process is all customized by computer, no need to make molds, and the delivery time is fast and the cost is low.

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4. Save storage costs: It is in film form before use, which can save more than 90% of storage space.

5. Reduce transportation costs: It can replace traditional packaging materials, reduce the volume of the outer box by more than 10%, and increase the number of containers.

6. Easy to operate: easy to package, DIY use, elastic cutting, and inflatable, no need to consider the problem of sealing, which greatly improves work efficiency.

7. Dustproof, anti-counterfeiting and printable.

8. Good water resistance and air tightness: plastic material, moisture-proof and waterproof, with an average air leakage rate of 10% within 6 months.



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