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Protect Your Phone with Air Bag Packaging – Prevent Screen Damage during Shipping

Nowadays, most people's phone screens have cracks and damage. This is because the mainstream phones today generally have large screens, ranging from 4.3 inches to even 7 or 10 inches. However, the surface of these screens is mostly made of glass, which is not shock-resistant. This makes it more likely for the phone to suffer damage when dropped.

As a result, the search rate for "broken screens" and "cracked screens" has increased rapidly. To solve this problem and in line with the principle of usefulness, convenience, shock resistance, and durability, Airbag packaging for mobile phones has slowly emerged to protect phones from damage during transportation.

However, mobile phone airbag packaging is not only used for cushioning and shock resistance during transportation but also to ensure the safety of the product, reducing the rate of product damage. Friends who frequently shop online may have come across this packaging method, which not only makes the package look more neat and beautiful but also provides better cushioning protection than traditional packaging methods.

Even though the protective measures of inflatable packaging may not be enough to save a phone from damage, we are actively working to reduce the common problem of fragile transportation. In the future, we will improve our products with even greater strength. Here, it is essential to remind everyone to handle their phones with care. It may be necessary to apply a tempered glass screen protector and a protective case, as the cost of repair can be quite high if the phone suffers any damage.




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