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What are the testing equipments for air column bag products?

What are the testing equipments for air column bag products?

First of all, the two simplest test of the air column bag are as follows:

1. Size: The tool can choose tapeline or ruler.

2. Thickness: choose a micrometer, either mechanical or digital.

Secondly, to go further, the following professional tests are required:

Heat sealing test: inject air with a set pressure from the airway end and keep it for 10s to check whether there is cracking or air leakage to check the heat sealing strength.

Penetration test: inject red penetrant into the air chamber to check whether there is leakage or pollution.

Vacuum test: inflate the airbag well , and perform vacuum negative pressure test as required according to the inflation pressure of the sample. Check for air leaks.

Tensile test: Check whether the tensile strength of the material meets the standard.

Inflatable test: Inflatable sample test to test whether there is air leakage within a certain period of time.

High temperature test: within the normal inflation pressure range, it needs to withstand high temperature of 80 °C.



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