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What are the advantages of inflatable airbag packaging ?

What are the advantages of inflatable Airbag packaging ( or called air column bag )?

The low-cost air column bag is composed of 99% air and 1% film. The packaging material is completely flat before use, and it does not occupy space, which can save a lot of storage and transportation costs. Under normal operating conditions, the air column bag can save you 20%~40% of the cost. The air column bag is completely flat before being inflated, light in weight and small in size. It can be online in real time, and it can be filled immediately. Fill as much as you want, and it does not take up space at all. The more secure air column bag has excellent support, and a single air bag can withstand a heavy pressure of 60~120kg without breaking.


The air column bag can actually protect the packaged product, not just fill and support. Compared with traditional fillers, there is no large space in the inner box of the package, and the items are often displaced and damaged during transportation. Even if they are squeezed by external forces, the close-fitting design of the air column bag can also use an air cushion to dissipate the pressure to prevent it. harm. The materials used in the recyclable, non-stainless air column bag are tested by SGS and do not contain toxic substances and toxic heavy metals, and are in line with 7# environmental protection. No matter in any circumstances such as production, use, placement or recycling, the raw materials (films) or products (air cushions) are completely clean, without causing any pollution and no environmental problems. The shrink packaging process saves manpower and the air column bag uses special production equipment, which is easy to produce, easy to modify, convenient and simple, and the supply cycle is extremely short.



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