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When do you need to customize the air column bag?

The cushioning protection effect of the air column bag is outstanding, and it is deeply loved by the users. But sometimes it has own troubles. The item does not match the regular size of the air column bag, so it can only be customized.

So when do you need to customize the air column bag ?

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1. The shape of the product is quite special.

At present, Hangzhou Airbox Packaging Co.,Ltd has produced many types of air column bags, such as Q type, L type, U type, O type etc., which can generally meet the packaging needs of ordinary commodities. However, some customers have strange product shapes, which is irregular, or the basic bag shape may be difficult to meet the packaging needs of customers' products. At this time, it is necessary to customize the air column bag.

2. Meet the special requirements of customers

Many customers have their own requirements for product packaging, such as strengthen protection to some place and some place doesn't need air column coverage etc certain requirements as well as the thickness and size requirements , that may be different from our regular inventory . In this case, we also customize the air column bag for the customer's product .



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