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Why Customize Your Air Column Bag

Packaging characteristics of air column bag materials

(1) The absorptivity of impact energy means that it has an excellent absorption effect on the impact force suffered by the product.

(2) In addition to the effect of external impact force, oscillating absorbent packaging products are also affected by oscillation and speed. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the frequency of the oscillating external force, resonance and resonance will occur, so that the amplitude increases and the After reaching a certain value, the product will be damaged. The buffer packaging material can absorb the oscillating external force and attenuate the amplitude.

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(3) The restorative buffer packaging material will deform under external load conditions, but the external load can be removed, and the original shape can be restored, that is, the deformation caused by the external static load, impact and oscillating dynamic load has excellent performance. Restorative.

(4) Shrinkage creep The phenomenon of slow deformation of buffer packaging materials with time under the continuous effect of static load is called shrinkage creep, and this shrinkage creep should be as small as possible.

(5) Excellent flexibility and flexibility.

(6) Suitable for temperature and humidity. The cushioning material can maintain its excellent cushioning function at low temperature, for example: polyurethane foam can be used up to -30°C, PS foam can be used at a low temperature of -20°C, and PE foam can be used up to -50°C °C.

(7) The air column bag packaging material has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, grease resistance, organic solvent resistance, salt resistance and light resistance; excellent antistatic properties, easy processing and formability, easy operation, low price, and easy waste. Reuse is easy to burn and does not cause environmental pollution.



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