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Notices when using red wine air column bags

With the increasing improvement of  living standards, most young people now choose red wine to show their taste in life . In recent years, the sales of red wine on the Internet have been increasing. Buying red wine is easy, but transporting red wine or beverage products is a headache for businesses.

Red wine packaging can be customized with pearl cotton. However, the pearl cotton custom model needs a lot of storage space to store this packaging model, which will put a certain storage pressure on the business, and the packaging is not convenient enough. The cost of custom mold is not low.

The ideal material for red wine transportation and packaging is an air column bag. The red wine air column bag is only a piece of film before use. A small box of air column bags can pack hundreds of bottles of red wine, which greatly reduces storage costs for businesses. , and the use of the air column bag can be inflated only with a small pump, and it only takes little time for inflation and packing. It fully improves the efficiency of sellers' packaging and delivery.

The appearance of air column bags provides great convenience for wine suppliers, which solves the problem of transportation and damage headaches. A small air column bag can withstand a pressure of one or two hundred kilograms, which can weaken and absorb the impact force generated by various factors during transportation, and protect the safe transportation of red wine.

The popularity of the market has made air column bags a profitable target for many people. However, engaging in the air column bag profession without skills and experience will only bring adverse effects to the industry, and even have a great negative effect. Therefore, many people are very cautious when purchasing air column inflatable bags, hoping to buy a good air column inflatable bag. So, what issues should you pay attention to when purchasing an air column bag?

1. Quality should be first selection factor

There are many manufacturers engaged in the production and sales of air column inflatable bags in the market, which also leads to the uneven quality of air column bags in the market. If you want to buy a good air column bag, the first thing to pay attention to is the quality rather than the price. In fact, many consumers only pay attention to the price at the first time, and the quality becomes the factor instead. The direct consequence of this practice is that although some people spend less money, the quality of the air column bags they buy is not very good.

In this regard, industry insiders reminded that at the beginning of the air column bag, the thickness of the single layer is generally 75micron, and the content of nylon is about 20%, which is relatively standardized. However, some small air column bag manufacturers choose to reduce the thickness of the film material and the nylon content in order to maximize benefits and reduce costs. It must be known that the higher the nylon content, the better the air column bag quality.

As a result of this, it goes without saying that if two batches of packaging are used to maintain the same product at the same time, the storage time of defective products will not be long, and the damage may be more severe. Therefore, industry insiders suggest that when purchasing air column bags, you must look for the quality of the products.

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2. Reputation is the good choice

There are also some customers who mentioned in their feedback that when they cooperated with some air column bag manufacturers, the quality was not bad at first, but after a few cooperations, problems began to appear. For those whose quality was not good enough, they were shoddy and made in quantity. Hands and feet, etc., these manufacturers are undoubtedly small manufacturers. Their cooperation is limited to one or two times, and over time, they will have a certain "reputation" among their peers.

Many customers may cooperate with them when they don't know the real situation at first, but they will choose new partners after they experience "suffering" later. The emergence of these unscrupulous manufacturers not only ruined their own reputation, but also had a negative impact on the entire industry. Even many big brand and reputable air column inflatable bag manufacturers have been affected a lot.

For this point, industry insiders suggest that customers need to be in demand. When starting cooperation, it is recommended to find a manufacturer of air column inflatable bags with high credibility and long time.



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