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Inflatable air bag packaging automatic inflation solution

Inflatable air bag packaging, as a new type of cushion packaging material, has been widely used in the logistics and transportation of e-commerce and export trade. Its superior buffer performance, saving storage space, green environmental protection, low cost, etc. have been affirmed by customers.

During using it, some customers also responded to the inflation problem of the air column bag. Compared with the conventional packaging foam box and pearl cotton box, an inflation process is added, which affects the packaging efficiency. To slove it , Hangzhou air box packaging Co., Ltd has launched the automatic inflation machine for inflating  air column bags continuously, which solves the inflation problem. The packaging efficiency is improved and the defective rate of manual inflation is reduced.

Project name: Inflate milk powder air bag packaging by manual and by automatic inflation machine 

Comparison itemsManual inflation/person Automatic inflator/each
Inflation rate10-12pcs/min50-60pcs/min
Defective rate  (charge and explosion)2%0.2%
Effiency17,280 pcs/24 hours86,400 pcs/24 hours/unit

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The air column bag automatic inflator saves more than 80% of labor costs, and the defect rate is also effectively controlled. The delivery speed is increased to more than 5 times that of manual inflation. The delivery delay rate is 0, which reduces the customer complaint rate.



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