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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable air column bag ?

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable air column bag ?

Let us look at it from a professional point of view. If it is an enterprise user with certain conditions, you can check its actual thickness, look at the color of the flame after it burns, or pass a series of tests such as identification by the quality inspection department of the enterprise. , to determine the pros and cons of the inflatable air column bag. However, these methods still lack a certain degree of operability for ordinary people. The following are some methods that individuals can try.

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Firstly, we can check the outer film color of the air bag. For the inflatable air column bag, its material is mostly a mixture of nylon and PE material, and it is also made of LDPE material. The first-class air column bag does not add any recycled sundries or filler masterbatch, it is thick and not thin, and it can glow with a faint pearl shell color in the sun, which is very comfortable . If there is a yellowing or dull color, such air column bags are likely to be mixed with recycled materials.

Secondly, you can feel the texture of the buffer air column bag with your hands. The high-quality air column bag is smooth and delicate, without graininess; while the garbage film is uneven due to the impure ingredients of the miscellaneous materials, and it will feel subtle when you touch it with your fingers. graininess.

Thirdly, we can observe the workmanship of the inflatable air column bag. High-quality buffer air column bags are often beautiful in atmosphere and meticulous in work. On the contrary, if the air column bags of inferior quality are often poor in work, they usually have problems such as heavy pressure on one side and light pressure on the other, uneven bottom seal, rough texture and other problems, and even the existence of poor pressure leading to rapid air leakage and slow leakage. serious gas problems.



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