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the force of the inflatable air column bag during transportation

The purpose of the air column bag packaging is to prevent the product from being mechanically damaged by external forces during the process of transportation, loading and unloading, and storage. So what kinds of external forces are encountered in the circulation of products?

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The external forces encountered by products in the process of circulation mainly include impact and oscillation.

①Shock. When the package falls from a certain height and collides with the ground or other objects, or is subjected to the effect of an instantaneous external force, it can be considered to be impacted. Regardless of the delivery method chosen, the most severe shock to a product often comes from loading and unloading operations, mostly when a package falls to the ground. In addition, during transportation, various transportation means such as trains, cars, etc., will inevitably cause the package to be impacted because of driving, parking, sudden braking, etc.

②Oscillation. Any package is a multi-degree-of-freedom oscillating system with elasticity and damping. The oscillation of the package is a forced oscillation orchestrated by the conveying tool. The oscillation of the conveying tool is very harmful to the package, especially when the natural frequency of the package is near or the same as the oscillation frequency of the conveying tool, the product will be damaged due to resonance. Such as mechanical abrasion, fatigue damage, packaging deformation, product damage, etc.



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