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Chilli sauce bottle air column bag

Chili sauce bottles are prone to breakage during transportation due to their fragile nature. That's why a reliable and sturdy protective packaging solution is necessary to ensure the safety of the product. The chili sauce bottle air column bag is an excellent choice for such a packaging need. It is designed with a Q-type bag that is made of PE/PA co-extruded film, ensuring durability and protection against external forces.


Protect Your Jars with Chilli Sauce Bottle air column bag

If you're looking for a way to protect your glass jars during shipping, look no further than the Chilli sauce bottle air column bag. This inflatable packaging is specifically designed to keep your Chilli sauce bottle safe during transit, and it can also be used to protect similar jars.

Made from a durable PE/PA co-extruded film, the Chilli sauce bottle air column bag is designed to provide superior protection against impact and shock. Its Q type bag design allows it to conform closely to the shape of your jar, ensuring a snug and secure fit that will prevent it from shifting or moving during transit.

Inflation of the bag is easy with either a pump or compressor, and the bag can be inflated to the appropriate level to ensure optimal protection for your jar. With a material thickness ranging from 60-120 μm, you can be confident that your jar will be protected against even the roughest handling during shipping.

In addition to protecting Chilli sauce bottles, this air column bag can also be used to protect similar jars, such as those used for pickles, salsa, and other condiments. Simply choose a bag size that matches the dimensions of your jar, inflate the bag, and place it snugly around the jar before packing it for shipping.

By using the Chilli sauce bottle air column bag, you can ensure that your glass jars arrive at their destination safely and securely. Protect your products and your bottom line with this reliable and effective protective packaging solution.