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Two major technical trends of airbag packaging

Two major technical trends of Airbag packaging 

As one of the packages with the best protective effect in the process of express delivery and logistics transportation, air column bag packaging have gradually become the preferred packaging solution for e-commerce and factories. Here, I will briefly analyze the two major technical trends of airbag packaging in the future.

Airbag packaging technology trend 1: lightweight and weight reduction.

The working principle of air column bag packaging is a protective system composed of 1% plastic film and 99% percent natural air. Among them, the air is taken from nature, and will return to nature after use, without any pollution, completely green. And that 1% plastic film, although it can be recycled and granulated for reuse, "weight reduction and weight reduction" will still be an inevitable historical trend. Any attempt to reduce the amount of plastic used is good for the environment.

For example, for the air column bag packaging of wine bottle in the early years, the thickness of the single-layer nylon co-extrusion film is about 70 microns (the complete bag is composed of two layers, and the total thickness is about 140 microns). With the intensification of market competition:

1. Due to the demand of airbag packaging manufacturers for cost control;

2. The production technology of air column bag is innovated year by year. Regardless of whether the blown film layer can blow out thinner and more stable nylon co-extruded films, or the air column bag making machine can efficiently and high-quality mass produce lighter and thinner air column bags;

3. The majority of customers are out of the consideration of reducing packaging costs.

wine bottle airbag packaging.jpg

The above three factors have jointly contributed to the widespread acceptance and recognition of air column packaging bags that are becoming thinner and lighter in the market. ——After all, the most widely used e-commerce industry generally requires no more than 20 days for the use of cushioning and protective packaging. And even the thinnest air column bag can keep the air for about 60 days, with sufficient safety margin. Because it is an inevitable trend in the development of air column bags to evolve towards lighter and thinner nylon co-extrusion films.

"Lightweight and weight reduction", one of the technical trends of air column bags, can not only save procurement costs for customers, but also greatly reduce the amount of plastic used (for example, the material of air column bags for wine bottle packaging earlier was 70 microns reduced to about 40 microns in thickness) , the reduction in plastic usage is as high as 42.86%! Environmental friendliness has been greatly improved!

As technology continues to evolve, it is believed that 35-micron, 30-micron, and even thinner air column bags will become more mature and market-oriented.

1. Reduce customer procurement costs;

2. The degree of environmental friendliness has been greatly improved;

3. Meet the safety requirements of e-commerce delivery.

Airbag packaging technology trend two: the popularity of fully automatic high-speed air airbag inflators.

One of the biggest advantages of air column bags is that they are not inflated during normal storage, and the storage cost is only about 1% of that of traditional pearl cotton and Styrofoam plastic foam. When it needs to be shipped, it will be temporarily inflated and packaged on site. Although the inflation efficiency of the air column bag is quite high, the customer only needs to inflate when inflating without sealing (the special technology of the air column bag means that the air can only enter and exit, and no additional sealing is required by the customer), however, if it can realize automatic mass production Inflation, no need to manually inflate one by one, it will greatly improve the inflation efficiency of the air column bag, and greatly reduce the labor cost of packaging.

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