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Understanding the Causes of Inflatable Airbag Packaging Leakage and How to Prevent it

There are several reasons why inflatable air column packaging bags may leak:

1.Poor quality material: If the material used to make the air column bag is of poor quality, it may be more susceptible to leaks, tears or punctures.

2.Inadequate sealing: If the air column bag is not properly sealed, air may escape, causing the bag to leak.

3.Overinflation: If the air column bag is overinflated, the pressure may be too high, causing the bag to leak.

4.Sharp objects: Sharp objects or rough handling during transportation can cause the air column bag to leak.

5.Age: Over time, the material of the air column bag may weaken, increasing the risk of leaks.

To avoid leaks, it is important to use high-quality air column bags and properly inflate and seal them. Additionally, proper handling and storage of the bags can help prevent leaks and ensure the safe delivery of your products.



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