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How to calculate the price of air column bag?

        In addition to quality, what are the main factors that affect the price of air column bag?

        First, the impact of the size of the air column bag on the price. The larger the air column bag, the more raw materials are required to produce the air column bag, so the larger the size of the air column bag, the higher the price. When purchasing air column bag, choose the packaging that best fits your product,  not to pay unnecessary packaging costs.


       Second, the impact of the thickness of the air column bag on the price. Air column bags have different thicknesses. The film thickness of air column bags on the market ranges from 4 to 11 microns . The load-bearing capacity and protection performance of air column bags of different thicknesses are different. The 10 microns is obviously better than the 6 microns air column bag in terms of load-bearing capacity and protection performance, which is determined by the thickness of the material. The air column bag with high thickness is expensive and has good protection performance. Air column bags with smaller thickness are less expensive. The users should buy the thickness that suits their product weight and packaging scheme, which can protect the product without causing the packaging cost to be too high.20220428141151.jpg        Third, the nylon content of the air column bag also affects the price. The raw material film of the air column bag is co-extruded from PE and PA. The composition of PA and PE is different, which also affects the price of raw materials. Usually, the PA content of the air column bag is more than 15% of the total composition. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers reduce the PA content in the raw materials, and the cost of the final air column bag will be lower. However, reducing the PA content also reduces the toughness of the air column bag, resulting in poor tensile recovery performance of the air column bag and poorer protection performance for the packaged products.


      Fourth, the technical ability and production efficiency of manufacturers also affect the price of air column bags. The higher the efficiency and the better the technology, the lower the production cost, and the price of the air column bag has an advantage.


     To sum up, the price of the air column bag is determined by the air column bag specification, thickness, size, composition of raw materials, the technical ability of the manufacturer and the production efficiency. It can be seen that the price of the air column bag is not as low as possible. After understanding their packaging needs, customers and friends choose the appropriate air column bag, and negotiate the lower the better on the premise of the same quality.



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