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Why do wines need to be packed by air bag packaging ?

More and more consumers will see inflatable air bag packaging after purchasing wine online. Yes, this is also called air column bag! Many people will have questions: where did the previous foam and pearl cotton go? Why use this kind of packaging now ? Let's introduce why wine sellers prefer air bag packaging now .

wine bottle airbag1.jpg

Summarize three reasons:

1. Safety

Shock-resistant cushioning is the mission of the air column bag. The reason why the air column bag becomes the air column bag is that it is a column full of air, and each air column is independent with each other, and the damage of one column will not affect other air columns. In this way, the packaged wine bottle will not be damaged by bumps and collisions due to the packaging of the air column during transportation!

2. Cost saving 

As mentioned above, reducing the damage of red wine and reducing the cost, the air column bag also has other cost-saving features. The air column bag is completely flat before being inflated, and it is only the thickness of several A4 sheets, which can be used now, which saves a lot of storage space and reduces storage costs. Secondly, put the red wine into the air bag, it can be filled with air quickly, which reduces the packaging time and improves the work efficiency!

3. Corporate image improvement

The inflatable air bag packaging is a new type of packaging system in the 21st century, which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, recyclable, and meets the  ROHS green environmental protection requirements. As human beings pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the voice for environmental protection packaging is getting louder and louder. The use of inflatable air column bags is completely in line with the environmental protection requirements of consumers. Therefore, the use of such air column bags is conducive to improving the image of the company.

To sum up, the use of air column bags to pack red wine is a good choice for the protection of red wine in the red wine market!



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