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Schematic drawing of air bag packaging

Air column protective Bags are innovative packaging solutions  technology, designed to protect a range of fragile products during transport, as well as the storage environment after the transport cycle is complete. It uses LLDPE and NYLON lamination or co-extrusion method, which has anti-stretching and balanced characteristics. Through continuous lamination, an air-tight inflatable chamber is formed. The machine makes the protective film into an air column protection bag. We call it It is Airbag packaging or air column bag .

Using physical principles, one-time inflation, full row filling, automatic air locking, forming a diving cabin, 360° surrounded by multiple air chambers to form a comprehensive protection for the packed product, while each air chamber is independent to the others, and only a single chamber will be damaged once the air bag is broken , other air column chamber, the remaining air column, completely unaffected, still provides uninterrupted protection.

According to the structure principle and production process of the air column bag, we can see that it is mainly composed of the following parts:

protective air bag.jpg



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