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Fruit air column bag prevents transportation bumps

During the fruit season, melon and fruit products are easy to collide, rub, and squeeze with the outer box or other fruits during transportation, which will cause some fruits to be damaged or broken, which will cause fruit to rot. For such a problem, it can chooses inflatable air column bags. Fruit handling and transportation must be well-buffered and protected, packaging inflatable bags, to ensure safty and worry-free transportation of fruits.

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At present, most businesses choose newspapers and pearl cotton for isolation protection, but they still cannot guarantee the safety of the products, and the fruit skin will still be damaged. Because the surface of the paper skin itself is relatively rough. Fruit does not have a useful protective effect at all. There is no need to worry about this packing by inflatble air column bags. Different fruits have different packaging methods,  inflatable bags are customized made for you!

The correct way of safety protection is that the protective packaging of inflatable bags should be cushioned by adding inflatable bags to the bottom and all sides of the box, putting the fruit on the net cover and adding a tic-tac-toe between the fruits. After the box is packed, a layer of bubbles is placed on the top. This packaging do a good job of comprehensive protection to ensure that the fruit not be damaged. With the protection of inflatable bags, the fruits can reach customers safely . Of course, good products need good packaging!

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The inflatable air column bag is soft and light in texture, and will not wear the skin of the fruit. Its super shock absorption performance can overcome the collision and bump of the fruit during transportation, and truly achieve buffer protection during transportation.



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