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Surveillance camera air bag packaging

Surveillance camera air bag packaging refers to a type of packaging specifically designed for shipping and storing surveillance cameras. The packaging uses air bags to provide cushioning and protection against impact, shocks, and other potential damages during transit. The air bags are made of durable and high-quality materials that help to maintain the shape and protect the cameras from the elements.


Surveillance cameras are an essential part of securing your property, but they can be delicate and require proper protection during shipping and storage. That's where surveillance camera air bag packaging comes in. This innovative packaging solution is designed to keep your cameras safe and secure, no matter where they need to go.

What is Surveillance Camera Air Bag Packaging?

Surveillance camera air bag packaging is a type of inflatable packaging that is specifically designed to protect delicate cameras during shipping and storage. The air bags are made of high-quality PE+PA film, which provides a sturdy and durable barrier to protect your cameras from bumps, bruises, and scratches. The film is also airtight, which helps to keep your cameras safe from moisture and other environmental factors that could cause damage.

Specification :

Product : Surveillance camera air bag packaging

Material : PE/PA co-extruded film

Bag type :  L type

Inflation : Pump/Compressor

Material Thickness : 40~110 μm

Air pressure : 0.06~0.08 Mpa

Advantages of air column box packaging :

1.Quick and smooth inflation 

2.Clean . Image promtion .

3.Shock and pressure resistance .

4.Mold fee saving.

5.Storage cost saving .

6.Shipping cost saving .

7.Easy to use , save labor and handling cost .

8.Dust proof and water proof 

9.Long term air retention 

10.Resuable and durable .

11.Real 360 degree protection .

The process to pack a camera with an air column bag:

1.Prepare materials

2.Inflate the air column bag

3.Fill the carema with the inflated air column bag: 

4.Seal the Airbag packaging 

Manufacturing process of air bag packaging :

air bag packaging manufacturing process.jpg