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Cookie box airbag packaging

Cookie box airbag packaging is a type of protective packaging specifically designed to protect cookies during transportation and shipping. It is an inflatable packaging solution that surrounds the cookie box, providing cushioning and shock absorption. The packaging is easy to use and takes up less storage space compared to traditional protective packaging.


Cookie Box Airbag packaging: A New Way to Protect Your Cookies

Cookies are a popular treat all year round, and especially during the holiday season. Whether you're sending them as a gift or just transporting them to a party, it's important to make sure your cookies arrive in one piece. Traditional packaging methods, such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, can be bulky and may not provide enough protection. That's where cookie box airbag packaging comes in.

Cookie box airbag packaging is a new and innovative way to protect your cookies during shipping or transport. It is made up of small air pockets that surround the cookies, providing a cushioned barrier that helps to prevent them from getting crushed or broken. This packaging is lightweight, easy to use, and takes up less space than traditional packaging methods.

Compared to traditional protective packaging methods, cookie box airbag packaging offers several advantages. First, it is more environmentally friendly since it is made from recyclable materials. Second, it is customizable, so it can be used for cookies of different shapes and sizes. Third, it provides better protection, as the air pockets conform to the shape of the cookies, minimizing movement during transport.

In addition, cookie box airbag packaging is also cost-effective since it takes up less space and reduces the need for additional protective materials such as bubble wrap. It is also easy to use - simply place the cookies in the airbag packaging and inflate with an air pump.

In conclusion, cookie box airbag packaging is a great alternative to traditional protective packaging methods for cookies. It offers several advantages, including better protection, customization, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. So next time you need to transport or ship your cookies, consider using cookie box airbag packaging for a hassle-free experience.

Specification :

Product : Cookie box airbag packaging 

Material : PE/PA co-extruded film

Bag type :  Q type

Inflation : Pump/Compressor

Material Thickness : 60~120 μm

Air pressure : 0.06~0.08 Mpa