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Understanding the Different Types of Air Column Bags and Their Uses

Understanding the Different Types of air column bags and Their Uses

In our website's "air column bag" category, there are different subcategories based on the type of bag. Many customers are confused about the different shapes available, and wonder why there is a need for so many shapes when a bag made from air columns would suffice. In this article, we will explain the basic types of air column bags and their uses.

Q-type Air Column Bag

The Q-type bag resembles a box and can wrap around a product 360 degrees, providing full protection from all angles. It can resist external pressure and friction during transportation, delivery, or manual distribution. Due to its 360-degree protection, the Q-type bag is the primary choice for packaging fragile and high-end glass bottles, such as those used for wine.

Q type.png

L-type Air Column Bag

The L-type bag differs from the Q-type bag in that it covers only one-third or two-thirds of the product on one side, making it suitable for wider products that require full protection. The Q-type bag is better suited for narrow and elongated products. To use the L-type bag, insert the product into the bag and then seal the top and bottom parts together with adhesive tape.

L type.png

Corner Protection Air Column Bag

Corner protection air column bags are primarily used for transporting items like furniture and picture frames, which are usually expensive and prone to scratches and scuffs. The bags feature air column bags attached to each corner of the product, reducing the product's contact with the ground or other objects, minimizing wear and tear.


U-type Air Column Bag

As the name suggests, the U-type bag has a shape similar to the letter "U." It differs from the Q and L-type bags in that one side of the bag is left uncovered when the product is inserted. This bag is suitable for longer products or gift boxes, making packaging more convenient.

U type.png

End Cap Air Column Bag

For larger items like LCD monitors, where packaging costs and convenience are a concern, a end cap bag is recommended. This bag is designed to protect the product from external forces at all four corners during transportation and in the box.

Based on these basic bag designs, we can strengthen the protection of a particular side or corner by adding additional air column bags or other special designs. This way, the product can be transported with maximum protection.



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